Announcing the HEADPHONE Community Preview Program



Are we going to start getting some “reviews?” Comparing this and that etc etc.


I plan on finishing up my Campfire Orion review shortly, as part of this program. It’s mostly done but my hard drive where I store all my photos and headphone measurements crashed hard and I just recently was able to recover some of the data off of it. I plan on wrapping it up shortly.


I have done a review of the Dragonfly black and iFi Nano iDSD Black Label. I am working on the HD820 review/impression. I know @ryan just finished his review of the Focal Clears.

Maybe @Torq, @andrew, @taronlissimore, we could link all community reviews into one thread, so people know which reviews come from the program? It could be a requirement to post in the main thread of the gear in question, but to also link to the community thread?


I would think posting a quick blurb in the appropriate official gear thread (assuming the impressions/review aren’t posted in that thread to begin with - which is probably the right way to do it for impressions) with a link to the review/impressions. And then a quick note in the Community Preview Program thread with a similar link to the review would cover it.

The best reviews/impressions will get indexed into the main product/category review indexes, also.