A different headphone for every situation?


IMHO…I think those three categories are about as far as I can go. Of course,some people go through a process discovering “this or that” headphone to do “this or that.” Then there is a question of accompanying components;music source,amps.interconnects and maybe even more factors. I’m in a position where I have to keep it simple. The number one use of headphones for me is to listen to music that I REALLY want to concentrate on. It could be some music that i am familiar with but it is more likely that it is “new” music to my ears.


I’ve been rocking monolith 1060c at work, massdrop thx-00 mahogany for driving, focal clears for home listening, akg k7xx for gaming. Now I need to find a role for focal elegia.


I feel like this needs some explanation …


What ya mean? I like to listen to more hip hop when driving and love that bass.


I’m envisioning you sitting at the controls of a car with closed-back cans on your head, but I think/hope that you mean you listen to headphones while being driven by someone else :wink:


Headphones are often illegal while driving, yes. The Bose neck speaker is a work around, as expressed by a Bose salesman.


Anybody have a list of states where illegal? I had asked a local officer and he said they are not illegal in Texas.


Here you go - https://drivinglaws.aaa.com/tag/headsets/

EDIT - Removed my polemic since I don’t think it’s appropriate in this forum. My apologies.


Damn I missed the polemic. I understand the practice. I listen to music but am vehemently anti-cell phone while driving. I usually set an album to play and just adjust volume.


Take two polemics and call me in the morning.