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Avoiding Trade Scams (4)

This won’t be a comprehensive post, but there are some things to be wary of when buying or selling used audio gear. While this is likely less of an issue with established members here, there will be people signing up an…

About the Buy & Sell category (13)

We’ve wanted to have a buy and sell for a long time but haven’t found a great way to do it with software. So until we can find a better solution I wanted to start a low-fi category that we can improve over time.

FS: Questyle QP2R - $599 (1)
FS: Focal Elegia - $549 (Pending) (2)
Stax SRM-D50 Amp/DAC (1)
FS: Koss ESP/95X $425 (2)
Focal Elegia $549 (13)